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I live very close to Finsbury Park but very rarely venture under the bridge. Feels like a different world heading up the Stroud Green Road. Had the Northern Heights works been completed it would be different yet again. And probably no W7 either.
The Stroud Green Road has six wig shops, it's hardly typical! Really great restaurants and pubs, too.
The W3 is a favourite simply for the absolutely astounding views! Worth it simply for that.
It's interesting to see how the area where I live appears to a well-seasoned traveller like yourself. Appearances can be deceiving though. As well as the occasional discarded mattress there is still a sense of community in Northumberland Park - it's a mixture of social and private housing in which people do look out for each other. The trouble with any large-scale redevelopment project is that it would destroy that.
My bus route! Interesting to see it through your eyes.

If you'd done the route at 6.30pm you would have found the passengers politely queuing right back along the pavement into the road waiting for the drivers to finish their breaks.
It was my route when it was the 233 and before the buses had grown up to be double-deckers. Alexandra Park, with its views and its open space, is a big asset for North London, not as well appreciated as it might be.

Oh, and it is not the Parkland Walk that is disused, but the railway that used to run there. Indeed, if the Parkland Walk was disused, that might allow the railway to be re-instated. (Subject to many other "if"s, granted).
Looks like I've finally hit a bus route, and surrounding neighbourhoods, that some of you know well! Thanks for your comments, and I've made a few tweaks to the post in response.
if you think the bus picks up ever so nicely on the western part of its route, then you obviously weren't on there at "school out" time when bedlam reigns ... in Haringey the schools in the west are more highly rated than those in the east so it seems like half the population of children commute over

anyway, thanks for an outsiders view of my area, haste ye back
and the parkland walk can take you all the way up to Ally Pally eventually following (mostly) the route of the old railway
You did well not to end up on a crush loaded journey or being thrown off part way through because of late running and bunched buses. I think I've maybe had a poor experience of using the route.

38th busiest route in London with 8.7m pass journeys in 2013/14.
Memories, memories. I used that bus in 1969 to travel from Wood Green Underground Station to Ally Pally for my University Finals. Each journey up the hill was a rather nervous affair not helped by the presence of 2 ambulances parked outside the hall where the exams were being held. There were hundreds of fellow candidates milling around on the Terrace before each exam whilst inside an army of invigilators awaited. I also remember the set of organ pipes at one end of the hall and the lattice work pillars.

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