please empty your brain below

I think maybe all of them .... except the BBQ one - althought there's still today. I just love the summer!

And it's not only in Britain.

I got around 3000 points...but then I'm in Tel Aviv (had to replace Britons with Israelis, and London with Jerusalem, but still...). Talking about Alfresco dining - Tuesday it's Independence Day over here, watch the traffic islands swarm with BBQ families. Unbelievable.
Am I going to the beach this afternoon? OK then. Next weekend too? Go on, you twisted my arm.

people shouldn't be allowed to expose their skin to the public until it is at least slightly tanned. stay in your gardens/on your balconies.

I noticed most of these, unfortunately a few of them by looking in the mirror.

Deodorants only make you smell more. It's a natural, rebound reaction. Soap and water are fine.

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