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In our history Britain has always faced the choice between Europe and the open sea. When I am given that choice, I will always choose the open sea-Winston churchill

I think I might be able to help on the Oreo front... leave it with me.

Everyone from the UK always goes after our Oreos. I am surprised that with the somewhat large US expat community and Britain's outright affinity for our amazing chocolate cookie sandwich that you can't find oreos in the UK. I have a little advice for those of you ISO Oreos. Make friends with an American and go shopping with him/her. I will bet they will lead you to the land of all things Oreo. If no one finds them, I might have something interesting to put on Ebay!

I miss something from Great Britain, actually. You have this amazing yogurt called Muellers. I wish we had it here in the US, but perhaps it does not ship well. There's also your amazing fish and chips which beats anything we can do with it.

I learned one important lesson when I traveled to Asia, there are some things that do NOT travel well. Lesson learned: Never EVER order a Corona in Taiwan. The fizz factor will get you every time.

What other things American did you like that you can't get in the UK? I will tell you, your music selection in the UK is 10 times better than what we get here. (I am addicted to BBC radio, none of the music I like is available here). Sad thing is, some of the music I can't get is from American artists, which is really strange.

BTW, did you know that Canary Wharf may end up coming under the ownership of Morgan Stanley? This has been big news in the Wall Street Journal. It's between Canada's Brascan Corporation and Morgan Stanley.

I know nothing about Canary Wharf though aside from what I read. Except this: "Perched three miles from the Bank of England in the revitalized Docklands of London, Canary Wharf is Canadian real estate mogul Paul Reichmann's 14.1 million sq. ft. solution to the city's traditional problems of high rents and scarce office space. The office and retail complex will total more than 20 million sq. ft. of space when completed. The existing portions of Canary Wharf are 99\\% leased, with more commercial and retail space under construction."

What's it really like?

Oreos: an underexpoited market over here.

Muller yoghurts: not as good as fish and chips.

Canary Wharf: a bloody impressive bunch of skyscrapers, home to a working population of 60000, some posh shops and possibly the most impressive Underground station in the world. Maybe.

I'd heard something about cinnamon so, I went to check.

Oh Yuck! What are you on about? Oreos are just cacky. Even worse than bourbons. Americans do great cookies, but Oreos are not one of them.

Nor cinnamon tic-tacs - but thats a personal thing, I hate cinnamon.

Things I miss most about the States - Buffalo chicken wings, REAL onion rings, free drinks in bars, decent pizza, cheap king prawns...

...There is one more thing I miss about Great Britain. No one on this side of the continent makes an Indian FEAST the way the Brits do. I had the best chicken and lamb dishes ever in London. While our restaurants are pretty good, they don't hold a candle to yours.

Although in the Thai department, we are much better than you. If you haven't had Thai food in an America, you should. It's interesting, you have more flavor in your Indian cuisine, but we have more flavor in our Thai cuisine. Atleast, that's my observation.

..oh yeah, and you speak better English than we do! I loved walking down Oxford Street and listening to people talk. It's just a nice, refreshing change. Plus, everyone says "please" and "thank you," here you get catch phrases like "get the *\\%&$ outta my way" during rush hour and such. We are not the most civilized of creatures at times.

It will be awhile before I go back though -- I will have to wait until our dollar recovers to more than just a minor squeak to the British Pound. (It's so depressing!) I don't need a lot to travel, but WOW! The prices were comparable to those in the US, but everything was is pounds. Instead of spending $25 on a meal, I was spending close to $45.

So, DG, when do we get photos of the new entrances to the Canary Wharf station?

Weekend mission, perhaps? *Grin*

Took those pics earlier in the week.
You'll get them later.

Weekend mission - elsewhere

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