please empty your brain below

is a right royal score good? my british is not so good these days...

DG, are you an official GSCE examiner?

Nice one. I love the answer check.

I like last years too.

Could you please clarify "served by 12 different prime ministers"?

Sounds like high treason to me.

which were the correct answers ? i got the right number of correct answers - but were they to the right questions ?

I got a message saying something like "Congratualtions - That's a Right Royal Score" - Crumbs, am I such a sad git that I actually did get all the correct answers? Yipes!!!

Yes, I got the same message - ummm whichever answers I ticked or didn't tick!!! I want to know which ones are true!

Yes but you get that answer whatever boxes you tick ...

The two correct facts were:
• She became queen while up a tree.
• She'll become the longest serving monarch ever on September 10th 2015.

The following were nearly true:
• Born at 17 Bruton Street, not 78.
• Middle names: Alexandra Mary
• She spent her 21st birthday in South Africa.
• The Oz Girl Guides provided the ingredients for her wedding cake but didn't bake it.
• She's been served by 10 PMs, not 12.
• There's no corgi called Nigel, just an Emma.
• She's also the 4th longest serving monarch in Scotland.

And the rest? False as Charles' marriage.

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