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I quite like the 1980 juxtaposition of "Yes, Minister" and "Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way".


I was on the old grey whistle test once. it was live from the ica in 1984. james were headlining. i was at the front. my mum was at home in newcastle but had been warned. she saw me then quickly turned back to itv cos james made a bit of a racket in the old days.
thanks to that ogwt link i now know that 'freaks and geeks' is on dvd at last. hurrah!
my fave arena show was the one about the chelsea hotel.

Thank you, thank you! It was my ambition to be a playschool presenter.

(Dedicated BBC drama viewer notes grievous omission of

- Our Friends in the North
- Holding On (but then, even the BBC TWO retrospective didn't mention that, since they see fit to bury it these days as having been too grim; it'll have its renaissance eventually, just like Threads did).
- Shooting the Past.

That is all. I'll get me anorak.

There we go Vaughan, three grievous omissions now included.

I'm struck that some years on BBC2 appear to be real classics (like 1969, 1971, 1980, 1986 and 1996) and other years, well, they weren't. Still hunting for 1972 and 1974, anybody?

Then there were the "Ghost Stories For Christmas"..."Whistle and I Will Come To You" and "The Signalman"....the latter I cuddle up to my partner and shiver a lot even today.

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