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Well, if multi-channel tv puts an end to people reminiscing about the Blue Peter/Dr Who (and their equivalents) of their youth, so much the better.

I don't see much problem with increasing TV channels myself - individual choice and all that.

What does wind me up is the answer beloved by some people, who seem to think there's some moral highground in this area:

"Television? No I don't watch it much myself. The odd nature documentary and BBC drama....But I do love Radio 4"

i seem to remember a similar argument around the time william caxton invented his modern printing press (1476).
"ooooooh i dunno, the art of conversation is lost these days. everyones reading these new fangled 'pamphlets'. only this morning i had someone ask me if i'd seen the new pamphlet about how to get rid of the pox. i aint though. *scratches inner thigh*.
i'm too busy working and saving my groats for that new thing they call a 'book'. i think it's called 'Dictes or Sayengis of the Philo-sophres'. can't wait."

Spot on, DG... I particularly miss the discussion about last night's TV....very sad. The only thing our kids seem to share wih their friends is 'stenders... and they often share that in real time watching whilst on the phone or IM'ing.

And the repeat thing is even worse than you say DG... if I've seen one episode of a series twice then I don't consider the experience complete until I've seen them all twice..... except then I see one of them three times....

See, I would normally vehemently agree with you, but this morning I'm too busy sulking that State of Play only took one gong at the BAFTAs, and that the documentary I (kind of) worked on (a bit), didn't win in its category. Pah, what do the public know anyway?

Give me Dallas rather than the endless morass of shite that masquerades as prime time telly these days. 48 episodes of Coronation Street per week, pausing only for Carol Vorderman nipping round someone's house to put up some shelves. It's enough to drive you to go out and rent a video.

This is why there's football. One last common thread left. And sometimes they even show it on telly.
Matt (four and a half channels - the half because C5 is a bugger to come in without standing on your head with the aerial in your hand).


Funny story. Turns out I haven't actually paid my licence fee for two years (landlady moved out and took it with her, neglecting to get it renewed, or telling inhabitants of my house). So we've been getting our Iraqi propaganda and curling for free! I feel so naughty.

Does anyone else remember that the first episode of Dr. who was shown twice?

Good list, but a pity S4C is not on it.

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