please empty your brain below

Sounds good.

You couldn't provide some bad jazz bands playing on pub roofs, could you?

Heh, heh... typical.. first time this week I'm not in Greenwich by 8 and they arrange a tour. Rats!

I've obviously had a sheltered upbringing. Where exactly are the St John's Ambulance matrons supposed to apply the lubricating grease? Apart from by the road-side I mean.

Look out for my neighbour, he's the giggly little frenchman with the bald head and a pointy beard

is it over yet ?

Is the much fabled 'St John's Ambulance' related in any way to the long established first aid charity 'St John Ambulance'?

Er, yes, they are related. You're right though - St John never owned any ambulances.

Do you know what? - I was at the expo for this where people were picking up their tickets and was actually watching people do this tour and I only understood what you were talking about when I got to the Paula being the tour guide.

My brain is so addled I must go to bed now.

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