please empty your brain below

Love it! All, so so true.

But that display shelf is rather interesting don't you think....?

i thought it was just the germans that liked to look at that kind of 'stuff'.

I think the toilet shelves are a West Coast thing. You'll get crucified if you proclaim ROTUS (Rest Of The US) to be like California.

I forget who it was, but some comedian once said that the difference across the Atlantic was that: "In Britain, 100 miles is a long way. In the US, 100 years is a long time."

The last bit left me just a little bit irritated: not sure what you meant by "the future". I spent a long(ish) time living in USA - as well as UK - and (to me anyway) despite the richness in history that exists here in UK - there is more "future" here than I ever experienced in USA.

OK - so we don't have as effective aircon, our fridges are a lot smaller, our cars don't have elaborate coffee-cup holders and we don't put on as good a show as in the US of A - but we are more representative of "the future" in relatively many more dimensions - especially culturally.

Apologies - being deliberately controversial - but you started it.

Glad to hear that you are having a great time!

Oops - scrub the last sentence - replace with "glad to hear that you *had* a great time!"

*A* future certainly. Not *The* future... I hope.

OK, maybe that was a tad depressing.
Let's try a new last line...

Nice one!

This post made me smile

The toilet shelf thing is not normal in most of the US, especially CA. The rest of it is true

Have you been to America's East Coast, Geezer? We are a bit different from the West Coast. We have more old tv presenters than you could possibly imagine. (Most of them work in Congress) or our major news networks.

Aside from that, we have efficient mass transit, smoke-filled bars (unlike California which has banned them) and don't have the sun-kissed look or accent for that matter.

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