please empty your brain below

you sound like yoda in that last sentence. safe journey home i wish you.

I love your blog, especially the checklist you created. I will agree we are a bit sue happy at times and that is rather ironically humorous. Although I am dying to ask one question, what does a person do during a Cricket match? Maybe it's our short attention spans that beg me to ask this question, but I simply must know.

Do you have half time like in American-style football? Do you drink local ales that you stock up on at the beginning of the game? In short, what do you do at a Cricket match?

Why, we go 'toodle-pip, old bean' like Terry-Thomas, while wearing our bowler hats. And everything stops for tea at four o'clock. All the films you've seen are true

No mini-iPods in SF????

I wouldn't accept that at all....

Pardon my ignorance, but in American, what does the Toodle-pip phrase mean?

I love tea -- how great to have a break from your sport and sit down to tea. I actually blogged about how sports and relevent activities say a lot about a country's culture. I wish I had read this before I blogged.

BTW, on another note, what do you think of the American who upped his stakes in Manchester United soccer team? The Tycoon who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Do you think cross-culture sports is a good thing?


What does a person do during a Cricket match?
Yawn, mostly.

Yes -- I guess it does take some patience to sit through cricket. I think baseball was America's answer to cricket, a quicker game with a similar premise. Just perfect for our short attention spans.

DG ... just out of curiosity I looked up your reference to Monterey Bay Aquarium mentioned in your blog post of 6 March 2020 ... (wonder if you'll see this comment)

dg writes: I see every comment.

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