please empty your brain below

Memories indeed.
My cousin's apartment overlooked the park but I didn't make it to a ball game - we did watch a bit of one on the tv though, with the window open to listen to the crowd.

Is it the same as "Rounders" that the children play here in England? If so, then I find it boooooooring! I can't understand what you men in the colonies see in it!

American sports never seem to last for any period of time without a break. I wonder which came first, the TV schedules or the attention spans...

'Cotton candy'?
No, it's candy floss.

What with this creeping Americanism and your apparent conversion to the ipod cause, it's time you came home, isn't it?

he'll be wearing shorts and a giants vest on the flight home BW! and chewing baccy while listening to hootie and the blowfish on his mini ipod! and he'll insist we call him 'diamond guy'...
*crosses fingers and hopes he won't*

..heh, heh.. Diamond Guy... I can just see him now....

If you're turning Septic, don't forget to put on three stone.

Hey if you get the chance, rent a car (the California trains are execrably slow) and drive down the coast. Check out Clint's Carmel, and the various great beaches including Maverick where they intermittently get 30foot waves. But take an afternoon to wander into that wildlife reserve (Cyprus? there's one on the logo anyway).
Sit on the beach, or walk out along the promontories, and the seals and the sea otters (the big five-foot-long ones) will come out and come up to you. Beautiful. And at this time of year, the otters have their cubs with them. Watching them play and tumble in the surging seaweed is a sight that will stay with you for a very long time.

Also, a drive up into the Rockies puts in you in Ken Kesey country, the oldest tree known, and the smell of the redwoods and the douglas firs -- so rich, so rich. Strange and lovely forests. And it's worth stopping in at one of the instant-hick wooden bars for a "you really do LIVE like this??" moment.

And it's geeky, but driving past Netscape-the-building can be a bit of a jolt.

Brian Lara, captain of the West Indies test cricket team scored 400 runs in a test innings this week.

How can you set a record by becoming the third-best at something? Surely you have to be No. 1 to set any sort of record.

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