please empty your brain below

*rolls eyes heavenwards*

'We (somehow) acquired free tickets to go see an 83-year-old Broadway legend...'

you'll be 'accidently' stumbling into Streisand shows next!

A most enjoyable post DG
number of buttons pushed: many

DG, hope you're having a smashing time. If you're able to pay Davis a visit, have a look for the six RT type London buses operating on the college services in the town. I wasn't able to make it up there when I lived out there, but they're legendary. Over fifty and still going strong! A bit of culture allowed to live on, unlike in our fair capital.

Good to see the photo count climbing again!

Didn't get to Davis, it being miles away, but the couple I sat next to on the flight home said they knew the lady who owned all those London buses. And a vineyard.

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