please empty your brain below

Ghirardelli Square ain't much; just a few shops in a nice setting. Coit Tower is OK for the views. A must-see is the museum in the huge park - trouble is, I can't remember if it's Golden Gate Park. Cycled there from Marina District, definitely the best day in San Fran - what a stunning museum/aquarium/"zoo" all rolled into one. Enjoy yr trip

If you head East to Berkeley, the Panoramic (the road winding up into the hills -- starts right behind the Stadium) gives reallynice views of the City (if it isn't covered in fog, at least).

Also, Ferlinghetti's bookstore, "City Lights" is still open for business on the corner of Broadway & Columbus (round the corner from all the strip clubs). Beats the crap out of Barnes & Noble/Starbucks any day. Amoeba Records at the top end of Haight is great for used CDs.

(Also, please drop into my old therapist's office on California st. and tell her I'm doing quite well, considering.)

Have a good trip!

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