please empty your brain below

Scissor Sisters screaming seventies? Absolutely.... brilliant stuff...

I'm glad someone managed to track down a copy of Smoke. The Angel Bookstore had a few copies of #2 yesterday, but no new ones.

Ah... Just noticed that they've started marking which bookshops they've delivered to on the Smoke site. Off to Cheapside...

Another recruit to the Scissorsisterhood? Excellent!

It's good to read people plugging Nighty Night, which is the only programme that has ever turned BBC3 into "appointment TV" in our household. Angus Deayton is also very well cast, I think.

Books Etc on King William Street (Monument Tube) had plenty of copies of Smoke when I went in on Friday. Still flicking through it now.

Heartily agree with your comments about the Scissor it me or is there a wee dram of the Pet Shop Boys in there as well?

Hate to nitpick, DG, but "Comfortably Numb" is a cover version (of a Pink Floyd track). Very different, though.

(smiles at having got through life without an in-depth knowledge of Pink Floyd tracks)

one of todays commenters 'had it orf' with a scissor sister. i'm saying nowt else.

Right. will someone please help me? I've listened to the Scissor Sisters album again and again and again, and I'm sitting thinking.. well.. all the bits are there.. I should love it.. yet I am complete unmoved and slightly bored.

It honestly feels like someone's removed a vital piece of my brain and I no longer "get" music.

I agree with Sarah comment! I absolutely don't get the Scissors Sisters last album!

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