please empty your brain below

Have a lovely holiday. Looking forward to your teasing posts so we can guess where you are!

First clues - land of the midnight sun and volcanoes - Tromso?

Don't drink the water, it's a holiday, stick to wine and beer!

Norway and the Fjords?.
Wherever you are going have a good holiday.


I to think Iceland?

But wherever you are going, I hope you have a great time DG.

We're having volcano issues down here too... and it's certainly been cloudy and damp lately. Hmmm, could DG be venturing this side of the equator?

Wherever it is, have a wonderful time, DG. Looking forward to the postcards.

If it's where I think it is - the hot beverages are bottomless cups...expensive to buy if you just want one cup, cheap if you want to have several and keep warm, read your book, chat with friends for a couple of hours, twitter, blog, sort your photos....

Ooh I've always wanted to go to Iceland, to see the little horses and the volcanoes, and my friend Hrund. She has two cats ...

Have fun!

More likely a visit to that freezer shop down the road.

Iceland?...just spent a week there. Beautiful, you'll love it. Your trunks will be well-used. And your pullover too, though it may be handy if you bring several to wear at's v.cold - even too cold for an English summer.

But wherever you go, have a great time. The lager louts won't go anywhere cold, so you should be OK.

Seen the price of a Becks there??

Where are you off to? Lapland? Tromsø? Reykjavik? Wherever it is, I hope you have a great time! :-)

IF it's Reykjavik, take a few beers in your suitcase. Have fun.

bon voyage!

Don't forgetto send us 'post'cards! Bon voyage.

Enjoy yourself!

If most of you are correct, the title might change to "Diamond Geyser", nei?

dg writes: There's always someone has to leap in and spoil the surprise, eh? ;)

Have a very good holiday!! I wonder if you are going on a bus trip at your foreign destination. :D


Enjoy your holiday DG.

Well done Peter :-)

"dg writes: There's always someone has to leap in and spoil the surprise, eh? ;)"

Being ahead of the game is the story of my life... that and having a puntastic Dad.

Trust you didn't pick Iceland just for the ability to change the title for a few days ;)

Iceland is an amazing place. Enjoy!

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