please empty your brain below

Congrats on the new sofa! I hope you have many happy hours of enjoyment on it.

Whilst I hope you enjoy the comfort of your new sofa I hope you don't get too comfortable at home and reduce the time you spend on your outings!, which we have been fortunate to read about over the years.

Wot - no pix? surely history deserves a record of the location where so many diamond postings have been composed (or was it never comfortable enough for the sofa-typing revealed for the new sofa?)

"Nice one, Geezer, and thats as far as the conversation went..."



Enjoy your new chesterfield!

My friend had a ghastly sofa for years - we used to say it came from Ikaka - and like you, he couldn't believe he'd put up with it for so long once he got a new one. His back is better now too.....strange, that.

Sofa, tv, laptop or iPad. What more can any man or woman want in this world. Apart from a mug of tea of course and a chocolate biscuit. Enjoy!

Careful with the Creme Eggs!

Was it one of these?

So timely.

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