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Brilliant . . . and even better than the spoof BBC ONE schedule in this week's edition of 'The Friday Thing'. Phew, what a week.

Great blog. What saddens me is the way the establishment figures go around with an air of quiet smugness while journalistic types cry fowl. Views on the Hutton Report seem to reflect self interest than an impartial view. I sometimes tire of having to sift through the bias to find real news.

LOL. Would be funny if it wasn't so true!

2130 "Hutton Gold", brought to you by New Hutton's Whitewash, number one for all your crack covering needs. This week we recall the PM when he said "You know, I simply say this to you, you know, the public has a choice. They can either believe the government and the intelligence services, or they can believe the BBC. You know, given the choice, I think that our argument will prevail". Followed at 2158 by Incredulous Laughter.

The totality of this is brilliant!

*concerned for DG's whereabouts*

*checks 'sources' for news about Bow station and protests*

*has a lovely little snicker* Really darl...that was the most classic peice of writers junket I have ever seen. I applaud you!!

KILL the anti-BCC mongers that wish us the demise of free speech. Lets crush them all!!

*bows* The man on that BBC site really enjoyed your blog entry, and so do I. You deserve much more credit *goes off to advertise yuor entry to all*

Be well, and keep the intelligence rolling *grins*


V.funny Mr Geezer and very apt.

Cheers everyone.

If you've arrived from Bloggerheads, you might want to check Monday's anagrams too.

Brilliant! Shame it's probably true!

hello from Canada. By January 2006, BBC might not even exist. The format of mass media, as we know it, doesn't square with the rising cost and loss of customers. Ten years ago everyone on a computer today was sitting in front of the telee. Now you don't see the commercials, and don't buy the products. This is severely deflationary. The housing price situation appears to be a concerted effort to financially lock down/lock out people of their biggest need, a method of population control. Sorry for the idle ramblings, enjoy your site.

this is just a fantastic blog - i love what you've written about the east end, thank you!

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