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i've always had a suspicion that my sole claim to fame on the earth is to be gunned down by a gangsta boy wearing burberry to the nines.

poor tommy hilfiger, nothing like being last year's gangsta wear.

Snow..nothing of note? We had nearly a millimetre! It took err...seconds to brush it from my windscreen.

Not even a millimetre here. Totally flakeless.

Excellent - I'll just link to your site as I can't really be bothered to blog about these things either (ehhh except the virus thing mind you).

It's actually snowing here right now - not a lot, but there is some. Sticking to the car, but doesn't seem to be sticking to the ground.

I was lying in bed this morning listening to the radio (Xfm breakfast show) when the news came on saying that the snow had arrived.

Great! I thought. I love snow, me.

But I was still quite tired, so I didn't jump up to look out of the window right away. I lay there for a few more minutes, trying to judge whether the light coming through the curtains looked any different, wondering how deep it would be, and whether there would be any tracks in it.

And when I finally did get up and look: nothing.


the extreme weather warning was dreamed up by the government to take our minds off tuition fees and Hutton. I bet you there's an email somewhere from a junior minister to the BBC telling them to hype the weather warning

Try having your car towed at 2am with no windscreen wipers with snow covering your only view of the car doing the towing. Then (becasue the battery doesn't work) realising you have no heater - so the inside keeps steaming up. And the rope keeps breaking so you have to keep tying two frayed ends of rope together, in the snow, in the dark.
So yes - it bloody did snow, no it didn't lay on the ground and yes I was bleedin' freezing.

Having just retired I don't give a shit if it snows or not. I can leave the car in the garage and stay in bed. Luvverly !

Ok, ok, ok, so it's finally chucking down snow in central London. Swirly thick flakes obscuring the view, blowing around in an orange-grey sky. Probably still end up no more than an inch deep though.

Yet again it looks like we've got more... nearly 2 inches here in E10

I feel I should join in with the snow comments. Loads here in E4, anyway... Culture of Blame rearing it's ugly head. I blame Ricky Gervais and 'The Office', but would like to explore this more thoroughly....

I was watching the snow earlier from W1, not E3. The Houses of Parliament were covered by a snowy-white glow, though I was too far away to tell if it was a complete whitewash.

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