please empty your brain below

Shouldn't snowomen be spelt snowwomen?

No, snow-omens are essential to the ancient art of snow-divination.

So the third "don't" should have read "...equivalent number of snowomens"?

um, we were predicted snow, but it's very sunny out. and lots of grit everywhere. argh!

LOL @ the London/Northumberland comment - although you could replace Northumberland with just about anywhere.

Sunny as anything here too - gotta love those weather forecasters!

I love snow. I really love it. Always have done ever since I were a nipper. But I live in London, again ever since I were a nipper. Result: not much snow. Boo hoo.
Perhaps a trip to the inlaws up in Lincolnshire...

Ok, ok, ok - "snowwomen".

I did start by writing that, but then I decided that no word should have 'owwo' in the middle.

Just be careful out there when and if it does eventually snow. I am the voice of doom at the moment as I broke my leg in two places this time last year when we had unxpected snow in London on the last day of January an I slipped on ice. Forewarned is forearmed.

"Forewarned is forearmed."

Or at least, twolegged.

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