please empty your brain below

Ah, that'd be insufferable to live with, then.

The only one that even vaguely applies is the holding hands in public. But I only do it if there's enough room for other people to get by.

So it doesn't really score anything, does it?

How many people do these things without realising it?

They come to take this test, answer "no" to every single question and wander away with an intolerable air of smug self-righteousness, blocking everyone else on the way without even realising it!

Thank-you, I feel much better now...

The only one I can yes to is about reading on the hoof in a public place. *smug now*
btw: you're doing a serious public service over at bw- I really didn't know how I was going to survive 3 weeks bwless...

I can honestly say I have never, ever, used the middle urinal.

I do sometimes stand in the middle of the escalator with a lot of shopping - I would be interested to see your solution to how else I could get up there with a whole pile of shopping?

Stand sideways on? Better to take up three steps but let people past.

I'm another "intolerable to live with", apparently.

I can live with that. *Grin*

"Drive 20mph below the speed limit down a long winding single carriageway road, with or without a caravan?"

Scuse me, I can't afford a top-of-the-range car with ABS and incredible acceleration. All I have is a 0.9litre engine and a tendency to roll on corners. Have you ever been in a head-on collision? It's not very nice. You never know what's around the next corner.

Ah, at least I know what those laybys with the white diamond signs are for :D

"Pull your wheelie suitcase along behind you at an angle greater than 20 degrees to the vertical?"

The design of some of those things makes not doing that impossible unless you're holding your hand at breast height - which gets awfully uncomfortable. Damned things robbed me of being insufferable!!

Ahh - the joys of city life. Up here in Bignjuicyville we know nothing of these trials and we are all unbearably considerate human beans.

5 - how else are you supposed to pull those suitcases along ?

holding hands doesn't count as we've never blocked the pavement before and i'm not really sure if taking up most of the bed by moving over when unconscious to the rest of the world counts either.

I totally agree with you, the ones that frustrate me regularly are the shopping trolley in the middle - added to that people stopping blocking the whole aisle to have a chat. What was really bizarre was when I man wandered up and down the aisles reading a paper. Why do that when he wasn't even picking things up?

Dave & zed: Holding hands only when you're not blocking the pavement is admirable behaviour and we applaud you.

annipink: You're right - I guess women are never going to score full marks on this test.

sarah: When I lived in Suffolk I used to dream of having a car with ABS. But I still cursed all the snails-pace drivers who weren't even trying, usually out in great numbers on Sunday mornings.

Chz & zed: You may remember (from September 8th) that I detest wheelie suitcases from the bottom of my heart, so I have absolutely no sympathy

dg: The ones that drive that 3mph too fast for you to overtake, or do 40mph on roads that really aren't *that* twisty? heck yeah :D My favourite phrase: "It's the one to the right of the SODDING BREAK PEDAL YOU AULD CRONE aaargh"

Conversely, there's no need to tailgate me so close and flash your lights when I'm already doing 70 in the pissing rain up the A68. oo! other drivers really annoy me.

it's about time someone spoke up for us single people on sidewalks!

Ohhhh the trolley thing is maddening! Said trolley is usually parked just around the corner of the aisle you are heading towards at great speed.

dg - make sure you're around the next time i have to carry any luggage - that way you can carry it for me

zed - just pack less

While I applaud your critisism of the spatially unaware, I think you want to make sure you don't over do it. What if everyone where to become spatially aware and start taking up just the right amount of space, or less. We'd create some sort of giant vacuum. Everyone would be sucked in and the world as we know it would never be the same.

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