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1) Why would anyone care about a golf sale? Is there any golf courses in the capital or have I read it wrong and it is for people looking for small VW cars?
6) Outside the bedroom window of **** (insert name of favourite celeb.)

6. london eye.
7a. i ask myself the same question everyday.

1. That depends on which way the guy holding the placard decides to face.

2. Because the post-clubbing cleaning bill would bankrupt Transport for London.

3. Surely the point at which you find the centre of London would be underneath Centrepoint Tower?

4. Nope, 'cept on the TV, of course.

5. Why pay for it when the Metro's free?

6. In my experience, it would have to be from the top of one of North London's hills. Especially on Hampstead Heath.

7(a & b). This is something I've been giving a lot of thought to recently, given that my days as a Londoner are numbered (29 days and counting). I shall be posting my thoughts nearer the move date.

1) Dave's answer is correct. But the man who hails it has forever done so at Oxford Circus.

2. Because that would mean cutting back on the buses - and that is just simply not on: our current Mayor *loves* buses.

3. Charing Cross. It has to be - a black cab driver told me so - and he must be right - because he has "the knowledge". He must be "the one".

4. I only ever saw them on a Saturday monrning TV show in early eighties called Swap Shop.

5. It does! It's called the Evening Standard! (On sale every morning!)

6. In my experience: Alexandra Palace in N.London - or some hill in Southeast london near Blackheath - can't remember exactly where but have vowed to find out again one day. Or else the top floor of the NatWest tower (now called Tower 42). I've also always wanted to check out the view from that really high footbridge over the Archway Road sometime - could be nice from there too.

7a and 7b) I don't understand the questions - London *is* here. "Everywhere else" is just another suburb of London.

Thanks Inspector - I used to live in Woolwich for a year or so - and often did car journeys from Central London via New Cross, Greenwhich and Blackheath - and one night I just had to stop the car when I saw crowds of people near that Point - all staring at the view. I remember it being quite spectacular.

1 - It's like a TARDIS. It moves.
2 - I understand their "maintenance" excuse on the deep tubes, but there's really no reason the Met and District couldn't go on all night. (Or the ELL - but why?)
3 - By my reckoning, the bottom of the Thames just east of Waterloo Bridge.
4 - Sure I have! And leprechauns and fairies too!
5 - If you ask anyone outside of London, they'll tell you we have several.
6 - From an EasyJet flight to Spain. London is many great things, but it's not a pretty panoramic view. I'd say Richmond Hill if pressed.
7a - Can't really get bored, can you?
7b - Can't really rest either.

Beaten to it!

6) Definitely from Richmond Hill, with the Thames curling sinuously next to the (unproductive, just there to be pretty) cows in Petersham Meadows.

(click here for virtual Richmond Hill)

3) Surely although Charing Cross may be the mid-point of London (from a driver's point of view) that's not the same as the "true centre". London's notable for not really having a centre, or having several. Trafalgar Square-Westminster-Charing Cross has a shout as an area, so does the City. I'd go for London Bridge, because it really was the centre for so long: it was the only link between north (the City) and south (Southwark).

6) Similar to Chz, on an eastbound small plane flight from London City airport.

1) Who gives a toss?
2) Because, to quote a driver moaning at a bloke on the platform a few years ago: "[they]'re not here for your convenience, you know!".
3) Um... no idea. I mean, if I had a map I could probably work out a sort of 'most in the middle' bit, but what would the point of that be? And as for the 'town centre' type of centre, well, there isn't one. Or, conversely, there are lots.
4) Um, I think I may have done once or twice when I was a kid. At big events, you understand. Not just walking down the street or anything.
5) Would someone in Hendon really care about local news from Lewisham, and vice versa?
6) Richmond Hill over Petersham Meadows, Richmond Park towards the BT Tower, Primrose Hill, Nunhead Station, the Wheel, the top of the pagoda in Kew Gardens (but I don't think you can get up there any more). And probably loads more.
7a) Well... it's London, innit.
7b) God knows. Weirdos.

6) The opening credits of EastEnders.

4. Lots of them go to the Lord Mayor's Show, which we were taken to lots as a kid.
5. Do we really want one? It would be just too introspective I think.
6. I'll go with the London Eye - particularly at night. I also liked the top floor of Canary Wharf. I like the view of St Pauls from the Tate Modern. And I bet, if I had seen it, that the view from the revolving restuarant in the Post Office Tower was fantastic.

The best view of London has to be from the Eye. When I was 'little' I lived on North side of Clapham Common and from my bedroom window I could see St Paul's Cathedral and from further along the road, the twin towers of the Victoria and Albert museum. I expect now all those views have disappeared. For the past 30 years I have lived in rural Shropshire and wouldn't move back to London even if I won the Lottery.

1) I actually got offered a job doing that for five quid an hour. I was desperate but still turned it down. I'd rather shovel shit (and have done - no shame in that).
2) Because it's bad enough being mugged, raped and stabbed during the day.
3) I'd go with Trafalgar Square.
4) Have made a few pearl necklaces, chuckle chuckle.
5) Because the Currant Bun gives you tits, telly and football for only 30p.
6) From the top deck of a Routemaster bus. Something you can't do on the 94 any more, as of about three hours ago.
7a) Because they're nuts. This Dr Johnson's tired of life.
7b) Because getting visas takes time.

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