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I read some interesting history on Threadneedle Street some time ago. Before the Bank was there, it was an area where prostitutes would operate, known locally as "Gropecunt Street".

1. Shame they didn't keep the old name, because that'll sound fabby on the news

2. Threadneedle / Prostitutes - Discworld readers can see where Terry Pratchett gets his "seamstresses" from.

I could be all wrong, natch.

Excellent idea for a flashmob...

Indeed an excellent idea for a flashmob.... probably get them banned forever though.

This Bank of England money/gold sort of con/trust is at the heart of our society isn't it? And I can't decide whethr it is a Good Thing or a Bad one.

Unfortunately you can't go down there any more and ask for you little bit of gold, even in theory. Notes stopped being convertible in (I think) 1931 when we came off the gold standard for the last time.

The promise to pay is just a historical relic (and now part of the whole anti-forgery thing). Sorry to be so unromantic.

Ah well, looks like the revolution's cancelled. Shame.

Tell them you'll accept a cheque.

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