please empty your brain below

Weren't there silver threepenny bits - before the ones you mention - too?

(pronounced "throopenny" or "thrupney" - regionally variant - for young uns or foreigners).

Ah, yes:

I've got several somewhere...

A better one:

Yeah, yeah, I know your point was about farthings...

When did the hapenny go out of circulation? Was it with decimalisation? I'm sure I remember them being about when I was very small, but I don't remember shops advertising prices in halves. I've got a victorian silver sixpence on a necklace somewhere..

I also like the way the prices were written, all £/s/d. In the first pub I worked at, we had to write a pound in a column when we were given drinks as tips, and had to write them as £1/-

The sixpence lasted much longer than the other pre-decimalisation coins - didn't they go out of circulation around 1976?

After decimalisation you could get just over 50 halfpennies in a tic-tac box. I saved them as on their own they were worthless and amassed over £5 but never got around to cashing them in. Surely they will never be worth something!?!

Beechams Pills. Worth a guinea a box. Certainly in my brief lifetime.

Being pedantic but the goldcrest is the smallest UK bird, the wren is probably the smallest breeding bird in the UK.

Sorry, there are so many Wrens in this week's posts that I may have got carried away there.

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