please empty your brain below

Just the one guess each, please.

10. Independent.

15. Sun (and no, I don't read it!)

6. Grauniad.

8. Mirror

I hasten to add that I've never read it (ie looked at the pictures), but I've seen it in peasants houses

3. Times

13. Mail, which I not only do NOT read, but still manage to loath with a passion.

14. Financial Times

9. Telegraph

4 News of the World
and I don't read it either

11. Observer

1. The Morning Star.

7. Express

2. Star. I think.

5. The People?

Pah! Where's the Sunday Sport then, eh?

Oddly, my granny reads 12 and 16.

As Alan's spotted, just 12 and 16 still to be guessed. (Both titles are more than one word long)

12) Sporting Life

Is 16) Mail on Sunday?

I don't know if that's true or I'm unilaterally rewriting the Post Office rulebook.

I used to do the Christmas post, you know.

Stop the press! Answers as follows:

  1] Morning Star
  2] Star
  3] Times
  4] News Of The World
  5] People
  6] Guardian
  7] Express
  8] Mirror
  9] Telegraph
10] Independent
11] Observer
12] Sporting Life
13] Mail
14] Financial Times
15] Sun
16] Mail On Sunday

Of course, 16 could also be the Sunday Post.

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