please empty your brain below

Heh, heh. Good one :D

Absolutely! I have a lot of friends in the US (having lived there) but I know I am not going to bother going if I have to fart around getting a visa every time I want to go for a long weekend.

Stuff it up their arses, that's what I say!

Southend not good enuff for ya, then?

"Notorious Apollo moonrock thieves":

And after decontamination:

"What do you mean, you thought 'grilled' was a metaphor?"

Hmmmm.... Southend? New York? I can see the similarities.....

Very good!

It's amazing....

Chooses not to take care of the planet we're on, so he wants to go and screw up other places.

Why do I feel like the Moon and Mars have already been mapped out for the "US-friendly" exploration firms, a la Iraq.

Very Adamsian.


why bother with e3?

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