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Ooh, you cynic.

Am I the only one of your UK readers who lives in a non-Freeview area?

As for channels 70-91... DAB rocks, and DAB radios have the added bonus of you not having to listen through the telly. Still a tad pricey though. We got our DAB radio as a wedding present, but I don't think it's worth getting married just so you can do the same. Plus it'd cost you more. Lots more. Ahem. Oh well...

I live in a non-freeview area, albeit in Foreign. I pay some 354 Euro a year for the privilege of getting fifteen channels.

Quick guide.

BBC1, BBC2 and UTV (all Northern Ireland flavour), Channel 4. So far so good.

No "five". Even better.

Sky News, Sky One, and CNBC.

Discovery Channel for repeats from Channel 4.

E4 for the rest of the repeats from Channel 4.

Nickelodeon, in case I decide I want to watch Sabrina for eighteen hours a day.

MTV. I remember when this used to have Music on it. Now it's about interior design. When did that happen?

RTE1, RTE2. Irish television. Fairly large overlap with UK television, particularly around soaps. Currently showing "Proof", an exciting political thriller set mainly in our flat.

TV3. Mainly US imports. Not bad for seeing Will and Grace about 6 months before it hits the UK.

TG4. Irish language television, although they do a good line in classic movies (in English). Worth watching for Muppets in Irish.

bignjuicyville is freeview free
I would willingly give up my pidgeon for a mere smidgeon of BBC4 has gone to channel 24 next to - how cosy! Is that in case viewers get lost skipping through the channels in between? ..and how do they manage to sell so many sets of kitchen knives? I am still waiting to buy something I actually need.

It's all so deeply disappointing. Once you get higher than channel number 10, there's not one channel worth watching. Or maybe that's just because I don't need any kitchen knives.

If you have small children, the peace and quiet that 'The Bedtime Hour' on CBBC can bring is hugely rewarding.

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