please empty your brain below

Oh good, we've got an MP on the case now.

Am thinking of getting Freeview. Is it any good? What's the reception like?

Wow - BBC micro - I had one of those.

Was yours a "model A" or a "model B" ??

Now see what youv gone and done ...

That Geezerfax service is ace. I tried it at work and got fired. Result!

Anthony: Freeview channels are a bit bland, and my reception's not great (but yours might be a lot better). It's better than nothing though.

Jag: BBC Model B. I've still got the instruction manual somewhere. And my follow-up Acorn Archimedes is still clogging up my parents' loft somewhere. Must blog about all that one day.

drD: Well, you did ask for it...

Dargh. Should have known it might be an old DTT box - I have one myself. Evil thing - my new Goodmans box is far better.

Thanks to Andrew for spotting this BBC press pack on the relaunch of BBCi last year. They sound ever-so-optimistic about the service's "sophisticated simplicity". Pah!

However, buried deep in that pdf is a proposal for "the introduction of Quick Codes to help viewers get to their favourite areas of content quickly". I shall believe it when it happens. And then smile, broadly.

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