please empty your brain below

Huh, I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be there on Cable.... I'd just assumed it was another NTL cock-up.

Shame, it was something special... thanks for the reminder.

My mother was addicted to teletext - it was the only way I managed to convince her to try the internet - like teletext, only faster, and more information.

See, while I absolutely appreciate all that - and, for heaven's sake, if I see that Jensen effing Button ad one more time I shall scream, because the man has all the acting potential of a dead rodent - I have a problem with Ceefax.

For one year, not so long ago, I spent one working day of every week writing pages for it (the Learning pages on BBC2, since you ask - no, you'll never have seen them, because nobody ever visited them). And it drove me up the wall. That sodding great clunking antiquated system - it's even worse to write content for than it is to use. I still haven't recovered from the trauma and mental scarring. Oh God. Help. The pixels. The PIXELS!!!


On the basis of your results, I presume you're using satellite for your timings, because on DTT (also known by the marketting term Freeview), BBCi is far far far faster on a recent box (ie not one from the ITV Digital era), and would probably give you close results to Ceefax even with the menu navigating.

But it's a lot slower on satellite alas.

BBCi may be crap, but have you tried ITV's digital-text content?

What little there is is a thinly veiled attempt to extract money from the punter. Crap.

now - picking up on my campaign for dot matrix based media on this blog - have you considered a Geezerfax service ?

We got Freeview and my kids were rather pleased when a games channel showed up. Yet, I had enjoyed playing Bamboozle (Who wants to be a millionaire without the million) on teletext ch4 p161 so interactivity is hardly new. Pity about the million, though.

Sky seem to have the best mix really, although not having seen freeview or cable I could be wrong.
The menu system is pretty easy to use, and you have the number system to jump straight to a page if you want.

not sure what all the fuss is about.
i mean, i don't even have a telly.

I've always been impressed how they manage to make all the news headlines just the right length to fill the line.
I wonder if they have a single demented genius sitting in a little cell somewhere who for the past 30 years has been turning every conceivable kind of news story into a 38-character summary (or however many characters it is - I'm not bored enough to go and check).

It's OK Vaughan, he doesn't mean you...

No, he doesn't. But he's not far off.

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