please empty your brain below

Or head into central Melbourne and listen to Emmanuel Carella...wait...come back...

That's a very Aussie specific reference, I apologize


I went to the dome 2000/2001. It was cold all night and we had to wait an eternity in about -5 degs to get on a train which was running one every 15 mins.
Looks like its number 10 for me this year and to be honest - thank God!

I'll be staying too DG - that way I can be tucked up in bed a mere half hour after the ding dongs and text messages!

Oh; by the way - I heard a critic on the radio today saying that the £1M firework display down by the London Eye tonight it simply a demo to score brownie-points for the London Olympic bid. Maybe all us Londoners should write good things about it

You know, Number 10 sounds so incredibly attractive, but I have fallen for the hype once again, and spent money on Option Number 6 already. Have a good New Year's Eve and a cracking 2004, DG, and thanks for all the hard work you've put into this blog. It really is enjoyed and appreciated!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to find more UK blogs, and read them. I've enjoyed yours!


PS....GW Bush has made an offer to the Queen that he will order airstrikes on the dog that ate the now cold Corgi. Ambassadors from Anne's fiefdom have lodged strong protests at the meeting of Royal Underlings at their meeting in the Hague.

I cannot believe that it is 4 years since Millennium Eve (although I suppose you'd argue that it is only 3

HNY to you!

Last minute decision - Option 2

And HYN to you all too.

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