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Go on, tell me I'm wrong...

I can't comment on the books or the gigs, but I disagree with everything else except the single. It was indeed the single of the year. Although Will young's new one is coming pretty close for me..

(Damn, there goes all my indie cred. Thank god none of my Real Life friends read this!)

Can't comment on the books, not having read any of them - although my book of the year goes to Ian McEwan's Atonement.

Have not been to a single gig in 2003, so also can't comment.

Top single - Mark Owen - yes, very, very surprised to see this gracing your pixels. Mine would have to be Crazy in Love - Beyonce

Best Five Albums - tricky - Nitin Sawhney's Human, Outkast's Speakerbox, Coldplay's Parachutes, Faithless' Sunday 8pm and anything that Cafe Del Mar have put out - yes I'm a chillout sorta gal.

Top magazine - totally with you after the 2nd issue, closely followed by Word.

Top arty things - ditto with the Weather Project.

Top West End Show - if this includes theatre - not musicals I'd say The Master Builder - if musicals I'd have to say Cyberjam as it's the only thing approximating a musical I've seen this year.

Top TV Programme - with you on Little Britain, although Six Feet Under would have to be up there too.

Top Film (why did you discontinue it) - In The Cut - I seem to be the only person I know who really really raved about it.

so how many whole albums did you actually hear this year? i *do* love you geezer, kiki xxx

Stop hectoring me, kiki

Top gigs:

Hybrid fea. Peter Hook @ Fabric: Hooky playing bass inches from my face
Groove Armanda Live Set @ Homelands
Suede's last gig @ Astoria
Audio Bullys @ The Scala & Homelands
Gary Brown @ 544 Club in New Orleans for many reasons, but mostly coz I copped off with the drummer

1. buffseeds - the picture show. this is better than parachutes. it's a real shame that it didn't even chart - i think it would touch a lot of people.

2. mogwai - happy songs for happy people. this really is very good. a mix of slint, radiohead (minus the pretence) and scottish originality.

3. spiritualized - amazing grace. not jason at his best - there are too many formulaic 3 minute take-offs of electricity - but there's some magic in here as well - oh baby, rated x, lay it down slow et cetera.

4. mull historical society - us. inventive, cheeky, sad. lots of people don't reckon it's as good as 'loss' and they may be right. even so, at least 2 thirds of the record is fantastic.

arab strap - the shy retirer. aidan and malcolm really are irresistable.

mogwai - astoria. the second encore was their 22 minute epic 'my father, my king', which was extended by a 6 minute distortion loop. 'camp attack' was left cold and damp on the pavement outside as the band disregarded the curfew.

buffseeds x2 - polly toynbee arts cafe! it's like seeing your fave band in your front room, though i do worry that her on the drums has issues.

arab strap - mean fiddler - they played my request in the encore

kill bill. trash maybe, but it was ****in' funny.

1. slow loris - alexis deacon: has made me see things clearly.
2. spix macaw - ecological docu-drama kept me up nights.

top arty thing
erm... titian perhaps?

top tv
little britain

Class of 2003, this. Class.

The Audio Bullys album is now in the HMV sale for £4.99. Such is life.

i found 'the picture show' for 20p on camden highstreet yesterday.

I suspect it's now possible to buy my complete Top 5 albums list for £20.03 or less.

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