please empty your brain below

It's years since I have been to a panto, but I was hoping my American friends would come over before Christmas so I could take them. I think panto is the basis for our 'British' sense of humour (strange, I know, but what else makes us different from the rest of the world?)

They didn't come, so I never got to go, booo, hissssssssss!!

Just before Xmas I was sitting next door to someone on the tube who had a notebook of assorted names. First of all I thought it was an address book, with just the towns of names on it, then noticed he was putting ticks against the names and some sounded strangely familiar

Steve McFadden
Lesley Joseph
Julian Clary
Bonnie Langford

OHMIGOD he was a pantomine celeb spotter. It was the weirdest thing ever.

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