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Do they still sell Pomagne? Is it on the shelf next to Babycham? Is it still acceptable to mix Babycham with cider? (Actually, was it EVER acceptable?)

Ohh and I refuse to forgive you that awful pun at the end. But then, who the hell calls their hobbit Merry... ohh yes.. Saradoc and Esmeralada of course...

Pomagne? Ask Scaryduck...

Hide the sprouts under the parsnip? Are you mad? If I did that all those lovely brussels would get a nasty parsnipy taste.


Sighted last week in a local newsagent: Cadbury's Cream Eggs and Mini Eggs. Why wait till after Christmas?

They've already got creme eggs at Costco.

And the nut roast line was a cruel and malicious slight. I might never forgive you Or I may have to tell the story myself.

yup, eggs of the creme & mini variety are in SuperDrug in Upminster. i guess they just like lumping all the pagan festivals into one.

and Merry Xmas, DG. You're blogs been a wicked read all year, and if you had a wishlist, i'd buy you things. Have a grand one.

Ok, so it's just my part of East London that's Creme Egg-less is it? I may now be forced to eat my very last one from last Easter.

Must be just your bit DG, we've got them over in the E10/E17 border region.

Lovely they are too.

Loved the sprouts and parsnips comment - we only ever get them at Christmas, and everyone hates them. But it's 'tradition'. As is to have a bottle of sherry in, when no-one drinks that either!

I like sprouts! We have them with every sunday roast. Stop dissing sprouts, you.

memo to self: next year set up a sprouts, love 'em or hate 'em? poll

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