please empty your brain below

PAthetic claim to fame #63.... BW and I were at college with Mr Gervais you know (along with about 6,000 others).

Mmmmmm.. Dermot O'Leary would make my Christmas complete too...!

I didn't know that NiC!

Philosophy Dept Witchy, a year below me.... so in your year perhaps(?)

Ricky Gervais queueing up right in front of you? Sounds familiar.

A year or so ago, I was at the De Hems pub off Shaftesbury Avenue. Went to the bar, ordered my round, and started ferrying the drinks back to the table.

On my second visit - I can only carry so many at one time - RG, who I suppose had been at Xfm that day, was standing in the space I'd been occupying when I'd ordered.

"Excuse me", I said.

RG turns round expectantly, presumably anticipating a "But aren't you..." moment.

"Can I just squeeze past you and get my drinks?"

Gotta say he looked a bit crestfallen LOL...

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