please empty your brain below

When I was younger, my cousins who live on the south coast came up to visit at Christmas and, being about 10, were highly excited as they'd never seen snow before. Don't forget the Heat Island effect of London, putting it a degree or two warmer than the surrounding countryside.

(it snowed during the night - hooray - but I don't think a white chrimbo is on the cards up here either)

we had snow last night - quickos is ever so excited.

i doubt the snow will still be here this evening though

When I lived in the North East as a youngster, we were right on the coast so snow was a bit thin on the ground. Still, here's hoping for this year (Not holding my breath though).

Another reason for the drop in the number of white Christmases is the shift from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar - what used to be December 25th is now early January, so there was a much greater chance of snow before the change.

i grew up in rural northumberland. a lot of our christmasses were white. which is really crap when you get a bike. the one year i got a sledge (with real steering) it didn't snow till march. stupid weather.

Wow, I thought we had loads of White Christmases in the 70's but I guess it's the same as all those wonderful summers I remember......

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