please empty your brain below

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2004.
Sorry you have had so few cards,you can count this comment as one and perhaps everyone else reading this will send you one as well.

I got a gas bill in the post this morning,
plus just one more card (but it was from my parents )

First timer here, hello all.

How good is the post office? They are spending all their time sending useless bits of card which get thrown away in a few weeks time, whereas the important stuff like my car insurance cover note gets sent on Tuesday, is still not here.
And to rub it in even more they won't let me get tax for my car, even though its them that have lost the damn thing!

How abut this bit from a 'family newsletter' that arrived today. Slight editing has taken place to protect the guilty party
"However, before the carving knife could be sharpened, the nursing home phoned again to say that Mum had taken a turn for the worse. J*** and R**** rushed to Bletchley, but too late, Mum had died at 1.20 pm shortly before they arrived."

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