please empty your brain below

Hurrah - pleased that I'm bubbling under at number 22

Well done mate, 50,000 visitors, top job

Do we get a prize if we click on your flashing red thingy at the top?

I'm Number 1?

And I rarely click in from anywhere but ukupdatedblogs.

And 20\\% of the others (to my knowledge - may be more) are either dead or nearly dead...

There's Lies, Bigger Lies and then Statistcs

I always used my links to visit websites, so people would know I called round...

congratulations - i'd like to say that 'my life in the bush of ghosts' visits often too - via looking over my shoulder

congrats - and I'll continue to hoyk more people in your direction. I wonder how many hits I've recieved over the past three years? My stats only cover the previous three months, for some unknown reason.

Keep going - you're fab

Damn you Blue Witch. I'll have my number 1 spot back next time.

Merry Christmas and 'Up the Arse'.

I'm sure you will Arsey-boy, unless DG aggregates visits from my new site with visits from my old site.

Next time I'll be off the list *wail*

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