please empty your brain below

I've been watching Little Britain too and it is marvellous. So pleased that someone in Britain is coming out with good original telly these days. Also, now that you've mentioned the Pop Art DVD, I think I'm going to have to stick it on my Xmas list. Wasn't going to buy the CD as I have all that I like off it anyway, but I only own the good vids on worn out old video cassettes so it's the perfect choice!

As for Mad World... do you think it'll boost DVD sales of Donnie Darko too? I loved that film, and the track is beautiful.

there is *no way* that some mediocre 80's rubbish sung by a lame loudain wainright III also-ran is going to be on the top spot this christmas. everyone else has moved on. i'm banking on will or gareth. or that big bird from pop idol.

Pop Art, the CDs - the soundtrack of my life for the past twenty years. The "Being Boring" vid on the DVD - the best monochrome party I was never invited to.

I had been hearing Mad World on the radio (but not Radio 2, honest) and it kept nagging at me that I had heard it before but couldn't place it. I kept hearing Michael Stipe's voice in my head over a more up-tempo and 80's sounding version. Then finally, this weekend, I heard the Tears for Fears original and was instantly transported back to a time when I had more hair and less dress sense.

This is one cover version which is actually a significant improvement on the original. I don't think it wil make Christmas number 1 because the pap industry is geared to promoting chirpy singalong dross instead of quality music.

Oh, and while I am here, has anyone else noticed that four out of the top five singles this week are all cover versions?

...unless of course the pop industry is merely geared to promoting cover versions, in which case Mad World's in with a chance. So long as it beats 'that big bird from pop idol' and her friends, I'll be happy.


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