please empty your brain below

*hugs* I too am one of those sad individuals who is always meaning to back up everything on my system but never quite gets round to it. I know what I'm doing tonight...

I'm not one to preach but
always back up your data regularly, just in case.

It happens to the best of us.

But, I'd guess you're using Win98, or something vaguely like that? Yes, Win98 died on me about two years ago, entirely, and we lost everything. That was one of those times when I was 'meaning to back up'. Now I do it at least once a month.

Thanks for preaching us the message DG. I for one am going to turn from my sinnin' ways and leave my life of un-backed-up'edness.

Tomorrow perhaps.

Like birdman said.

I'm not interested in backup up etc - boring.

I have to admit though I just pressed that button about 100 times. Its was just so big and clickable, even though I knew it did nothing.

I feel your pain, DG. Maybe the data can be recovered easily and all you'll have to do is replace the harddrive.

I've pressed that button 27 times in quick succession and, boy, do I feel good!

And I will back up tomorrow. No, really. Or the weekend. Yes, the weekend. Probably. Er . . .

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