please empty your brain below

I see Blue Peter is attempting to introduce Doctor Who to a whole new generation of children tonight. A 45-year-old trying to convince a load of 10-year-olds that a 40-year-old is hip, trendy and cool? Hmmm.

That was an excellent A-Z. Nice One.

For Z you could have had Zarbie, a giant Ant like creature that featured in one of the early series.

The Zarbie appeared in "The Web Planet" - see

Dippy? Jo Grant wasn't dippy, she was lovely! Wasn't she working in a lab at UNIT when we first encountered her? I think she became less intellectual with each subsequent adventure the poor lass.

I considered Zarbi, Zero room, Zygon and even Za for Z, but decided to do something a bit different in the end instead.

As a man who was four months old when dr who first aired (but only remembers Jon & Colin) thanks for the flashback, excellent.

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