please empty your brain below

Witchy wants a Dalek!

Witchy and Mr BW don't know the answer to the third question.

Mr BW says he had the original 'Make a Dalek' instruction book but his mum said the house wasn't big enough and he couldn't get the plywood needed home on his push-bike.

So the TARDIS is bigger and cheaper on the outside than the inside?

Funny; so's my car.

S should have been for Sea Devil - surely? Can't complain - love the trip down memory lane, thanks.

Last working police box? because Edinburgh's full of them, and Glasgow still has a fair few

Sorry sarah, last working police box of that type in London. Glasgow's all used to be red, you know.

And BW, there were two Dalek films, if that helps you (a fact that was hidden away in O yesterday).

Dr. Who - British television colonialism. The effect on the rest of the world is...also relatively modest.

Get over it already.

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