please empty your brain below

Do I get any credit for this one!!

Just curious DG - have you calculated the radius of 15 mins flying time from your house perchance?

The yachting will be in Weymouth & Portland. They're building the centre already. Exciting stuff.

I am so sick of the olympics. It seems to come around more frequently than ever lately, and each time there is more hype, bigger, more grandiose plans, and more money wasted. I am just waiting for the day when they decide to convert an entire country into a giant stadium, bread and circuses to distract us all from the fact that it is all a waste of money.

The areas you are talking about where they are planning to build this massive boondoggle aleady have some economic use. Are the companies and their employees going to be reimbursed for their relocation expenses? And once the whole thing is dismantled and forgotten, will the area be returned to its original use? I remember the last Olympics we had here in the states, in Georgia. Complete loss of money. Millions went down the tube. Same for Salt Lake. Every time they say that it will bring economic vitality to a region. I don't see their logic. If that were the case, why don't we have more travelling carnivals going around the world creating economic prosperity? That's all the Olympics is, on a slightly larger scale. Apparently their logic is, well, loot the taxpayers, give the money to politically connected developers with overinflated bids, and they will create jobs with the building, and we are happy that a few cents will trickle back down to us all, forgetting that dollar we paid into it. It's the fallacy of the broken window at work. Break a window! It'll give glaziers jobs!

Well...that's just my cynical two cents on the whole corrupt thing.

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