please empty your brain below

I remember Graham on the ever-so-slightly dodgy late night game show "Carnal Knowledge", which was also around 1996. (I'm an insomniac...)

Davina McCall - most likely to be seen on: every 'effing programme going, spreading her own special blend of speaking in entirely staccatto phrases, encouraging the viewer to throw heavy objects at the telly.

"Hi I'm Davina Mcall and welcome to a Streetmate, don't try this at home, oblivious, usa reborn, big brother 4 special"

Davina as seen through the eyes of Bo Selecta

Graham sold his converted Victorian school in Bow a couple of weeks ago through Foxtons for £465,000. However,he still has £2 million town house in Manhattan, as well as a £200,000 flat in West Cork, oh and £350,000 holiday home in Cape Town.

don't go under-rating bruce; he might be a bit long in the dentures, but i'd still go down - and i'd wipe the floor with a 1969 julia lockwood, though i say it myself.

La Norton made an early entry into our consciousness on Ned Sherrin's arch Loose Ends (Radio 4) in the early 90s. I myself had an oh so brief encounter with him @ a Lloyds Bank cash machine near St Paul's cathedral not too long ago. Asked him for some of his money. Needless to say, he did not oblige....

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