please empty your brain below

Just one word each please
(but do tell us how you worked it out!)

1. Eggshells, though extra credit will be given for 5318008

5. Keyboard - in HTML.

2 - Phonetic

6 - Inspector

4 ArSeNiC

12. Deaf (British sign language)

10. Flag (semaphore)

I wish I'd looked into no11 first. That strikes me as the hardest of the lot and I now know the answer.

*gnashes teeth*

6) Inspector - morse code

7. Pearly (cockney)

9. MIX (Roman)

3 - CABBAGE, I believe (musical notes)

8 - SHIP, Nautical Signal Flags

11 is Concorde. If you mark the locations of all the towns on a map of UK (use rough midpoints for Wales and East Anglia) and then draw a straight line from the Birmingham point to the London point - and so on through the other places in the order specified - then you will get an polygonal outline image of Concorde in mid-flight (at a sort of angle).

Jag - I don't think so! I've already made one suggestion, so I shouldn't offer another - but if the answer is what I think it is, Luton and Northampton represent a single letter.

Just 11 left to guess (and Simon's on the right track...)

BLACK - car registration regional identifiers

The twelve hidden words were:

  1] EGGSHELLS (upside-down on a calculator)
  2] phonetic (Phonetic alphabet)
  3] cabbage (musical notes)
  4] ArSeNiC (element-ary)
  5] keyboard (in HTML/ASCII code)
  6] inspector (morse)
  7] pearly (Cockney Alphabet)
  8] ship (nautical signal flags)
  9] MIX (Roman numerals)
10] flag (semaphore)
11] black (vehicle registration letters)
12] deaf (Deafblind manual alphabet)

OK, OK. So I was wrong. But I wanted to get it off my chest anyway, the confounded problem had me bugged all day and I made a crazy, vaguely-laterally-thought-out guess.

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