please empty your brain below

nothing by mogwai then?

Having listened to this week's new Top 10, there's no way I'll be writing about that so affectionately in 20 years time. Grim.

Seems like only yesterday! But wasn't the Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley?

They bring back some memories. 20 years ago I was starting the process of moving from Hampshire to Southport. It was a time of major change in my life, working between 2 sites, until I finally bought a house in Southport in '84. I remember all those tunes being played in the Southport nightclubs at the time.

I own five of those as singles, and one of them is one of my Top 10 fave singles ever ever ever. Heyyyy, chango chango!

You're right Jonathan - Billy's video featured Christie Brinkley, and it was the Westlife travesty that featured Claudia Schiffer.
I'll go and update girl...

Ah memories. Rock Steady Crew. I used to be part of a high-school break-dance crew called "Scratch". I was the wannabe DJ. Had all the kit - dual-record deck and state-of-the-art cross-fader. Sad but true. I even had the entire Streetsounds "electro" collection. And I've still got them. On tape. In the glove-compartment of my car. Electro old-skool will never die. Pure, hip-hop soul ....

Safety Dance is played every hour, on the hour, on many Cannuck radio stations. I still love it though.

rock steady crew- one hit wonders? they basically helped develope the culture of hip hop and bought breakin' to the world. R.I.P to BUCK 4 & KURIAKI.

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