please empty your brain below

I can't bring myself to watch it.

We had a discussion about it in the office yesterday and it sounded truly awful. I never watched any of Big Brother Three so the idea of watching a bunch of brattish teenagers prancing around and getting off with each other, just doesn't appeal to me.

A bunch of prattish teenagers prancing around and getting off with each other in a confined environment? Just the sort of thing you can watch every day on the District line anyway.

I've watched it (of course). Compulsively terrible. I've gone from hating Paul, to liking him. The rest of them are just so young, it's painful. I loved it when Caroline sobbed "at home I'm the popular one" God girl, you're so Surrey, why not ask BB if you could have a pony as well. And when they were counselling Tommy and Jade the morning after...classic!

Damn, I wish we could vote...

V good DG, So you've seen them at Ravenscourt Park tube too?

Why is Jade moaning and wailing about showing herself up by having sex on national TV and then wearing a T shirt that says "I'm a Dirrty, dirrty, bitch"

Sorry she's a teenager no point in asking them anything and expecting a sensible answer.

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