please empty your brain below

I loved Trumpton as a kid. Funny thing is, now all I can remember is the roll call.

Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgre...

Ah, happy days.

Windy Miller's mill would today be condemmed by the Health & Safety Exectutive as the sails passed right in front of the door (yet he never seemed to get hit).

That woman, with her dogs; she'd have to have those muzzled you know. And that stately home, it would make a nice hotel and golf course complex if you ask me.

Take away the top hat and that Doctor Mopp was a dead ringer for Dr. Harold Shipman!

Mopps song went....

If you want a doctor,
get Doctor Mopp,
For he can stop a sneeze or a wheeze,
Or a lump or a bump,
a headache, a sprain,
or rheumatic pain.
So if you're feeling sickly,
please call him quickly.
He can cure all ills,
With his pale pink medicine,
and sugar coated pills
and he'll help you write your wills.
If your'e feeling worse,
dont bother with the nurse,
with his medicinal laughter,
he'll help you to the hereafter!

Sometimes I hate the Internet I can't believe that Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy were made up names. Please someone tell me the link you references is "havin a larf"

The London Ambulance Service has a friendly nickname for the London Fire Brigade, "Trumpton". When they race past us on blue lights we wonder where the cat that is stuck up the tree is..
We actually \\_like\\_ the Fire Service, you should hear what we call Social Workers...

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