please empty your brain below

that is one mad little game.

So I could have said, "And I thought you didn't like broccoli?" too this morning? I thought that that was probably going to be the punchline, so I didn't.

However, Brocolli and Stilton Quiche could be on the menu sometime soon

Hmm, maybe Broccoli Week wasn't such a bad idea after all. I've just had one of my ten best days ever for visitors to the blog. There's no accounting for taste, I guess.

I can't believe you got me sitting here for 10 minutes shooting broccoli with asparagus spears....

... I read this with interest early today and ended up cooking ... broccoli as the vegetable to accompany the rest of my dinner. Now that I'm reading asparagus spears, that would have been the preferred choice. Damn, maybe next time you can choose a sexier vegetable?

Now, I feel like the only person on the planet, who actually enjoys Broccoli.

Yeah, but the Bush Snr video clip is really quite funny. I've got it on DVD somewhere.

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