please empty your brain below

And what's wrong with R2? Hmmm?

Same music, some of the same presenters (we knew them as DJs didn't we) we had on R1 as kids? Great for driving along in the car to. As you're a Car-less Geezer, that must be why you don't like it.

Interestingly, I heard the other day that the fastest growing audience section of R2 is the student age group.

The first tune played on Radio 1 (immediately before Flowers in the Rain) was of course the jazzy "Beefeaters" by John Dankworth - Tony Blackburn's theme tune, (usually heard with Arnold's barks joining in)!

As far as radio 1 goes I only really like John Peel these days. Otherwise it's Xfm for me.

Chris Moyles? A fine DJ? You are joking, of course...

Radio 2 may well have become a lot lot more like Radio 1 used to be, with the same old DJs and the same old music, but I'd still rather listen to Chris Moyles than slip into a middle-of-the-road coma.

But they do play Thea Gilmore when no-one else seems to.... A *seriously* under-rated singer/songwriter.

he is very good i like him e makes me laugh

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