please empty your brain below

And, before you ask, the colours are only so that you can distinguish one placename from another.

I was going to write, "Color me confused", but after reading your explanatory note, DG, I'm even more confused.

ah! I think I get it - if I had a geographical map of the areas of London, they'd match up to where the words are on your textmap?

Yup Sarah, that's the idea.
Clearly it means virtually nothing to anyone who doesn't live here, or is planning to visit.

How about a hypertextmap where you make the placenames into links?

A daunting task for your average blogger but well within DG's capabilities I would have thought

Well, I could do that, except that all the hypertext links on DG are blue, so you'd lose the different colours.
Me, I'm just dead pleased that the map is geographically pretty darned accurate.

No no, I'm still mightily impressed and can see how cool it would be if I did indeed live in the city. Is it just a bit of London or the whole thing? Where's the river, eh?

It's Inner London, near enough.
And the river, good idea, so I've added it...

Excellent! You ought to sell it. Tate Modern would be interested. And I'd only ask for ten per cent.

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