please empty your brain below

Very funny
Congrats to b & s-in-l too.

But, Value Witch would just like to point out that the Married Couples' Tax Allowance was abolished years ago. You have to have sprogs to get anything back these days. Or not as the case may be.

Well: you can transfer assets between you and spouse without incurring income tax - which is handy sometimes.

And for the added pleasure of your guests, make it a non-snoking reception. To avoid embarrasment and to remind everyone you add a note to the map saying 'Thank you for remembering that this is a no smoking party', and put a no smoking note on the entrance. We did and received only a couple of grumbles (who went outside to kill themselves in private), and a whole room of happy people who could eat and drink in fresh air without going home smelling like an old fag end.

"I like smelling of an old fag end, it keeps the militant anti-smoking brigade away."

aaaah! only joking. As a smoker, I honestly welcome and respect all non-smoking areas as yet another reason to bloody quit the smoking the fecking things. Did you know that after a night oun the town, your clothes weigh 1\\% more because of all the ciggy smoke clinging to them?

MrBW's typo quite threw me there...

I'd forgotten we did that!

The best way to avoid wedding DJ hell is to have a jukebox instead. That way you can pick all the songs that go into it, thereby eliminating the Agadoo factor.

Also, it seems you can never underestimate how much your guests will enjoy picking songs from the thing once it's up and running.

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