please empty your brain below

Just one tree each please.

Plane No 1

4. Rowan

Number 7 is the Ash

#8 is palm.

The Larch.

Is 11 cypress?

12 = Holly

3 Fir

2 is the Beech.


Just 5, 6 and 9 left...

Well 6 is obviously the Motorway Tree, and I'd hazard a guess at 9 being the Eyeball Tree. You've got me with number 5 though. Still, "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad", as the song goes...

5 = cedar

6 is Poplar

number nine isn't apple, is it? I'm grappling with the 5 page index of my mammoth copy of The Trees in Britain, Europe and North America. I think you should have done Sorbus X thuringiaca, the Bastard Service Tree.

Number 9 anybody?

The eye doesn't belong to a doll of some type, does it?

If so, it could be some sort of eye-doll-a-tree...

Iris. (That's my final answer. I truly hate quizzes.)

The iris looks sort of blue-grey to me - if it had more melanin, it could be Hazel?

Hazel it is, or so the website I found the picture on said it was...

That's all 12 answers then, as follows:

  1] plane
  2] beech
  3] fir
  4] rowan
  5] cedar
  6] poplar
  7] ash
  8] palm
  9] hazel
10] yew
11] cypress
12] holly

pah, that looks grey-blue to me. I would have gotten it if it had actually been hazel-brown..

thankyou for another great distraction!

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